Welcome to Zeta Beta Tau – Beta Psi

Welcome to Zeta Beta Tau – Beta Psi at American University (ZBT).  Founded in 1898 as the world’s first Jewish Fraternity, ZBT prides itself on being an inclusive organization welcoming of any college man who understands and appreciates our mission.  However, in 1903, ZBT dropped its religious affiliations, and in 1954 it began admitting members of all faiths.With more than 140,000 initiated men ZBT’s can be found in all aspects of life: business, entertainment, media, politics, and much more.  In 1989, ZBT became the first fraternity to abolish pledging from its organization and, in its place, created a brotherhood program that focuses on equal rights, privileges, and responsibilities for all members.  Welcome to our Journey.  We invite you to explore everything that makes ZBT a “Powerhouse of Excellence.”  Zeta Beta Tau returned to American University in the spring of 2014 and is quickly integrating itself with the Greek and AU community.


We have a charter!

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, we received our charter and officially became the Beta Psi Chapter! Congratulations to all the brothers and thank you to all the brothers and alumni who put in all the hard work to get us to this point!

C. F. & S.


Zeta Beta Tau-Beta Psi Alumni Spotlight: Seth Ingall ’88


Seth Ingall is a ZBT alumnus from American University’s class of ’88. He studied Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government in the School of Public Affairs and also has a J.D. from American University’s Washington College of Law. Seth started working at GEICO as a Claims Interviewer as a sophomore in college and went onto work as Assistant Vice President, Vice President of claims, and then Regional Vice President at GEICO’s New York Profit Centers in Woodbury and Buffalo. He is now a Senior Vice President responsible for claims home office, staff counsel, communications, and the GEICO philanthropic foundation.
I had the opportunity of asking Seth some questions about ZBT and his career success:
1. Q: What were your best experiences at AU and with ZBT in particular?
A: AU was a lot of fun, and joining ZBT in the first re-organized Beta Psi pledge class allowed me to form a group of lifelong friends, not only in the pledge class, but in the fraternity. Best experiences include the scavenger hunt, “Jail n Bail”, quad parties in the Letts-Anderson quad, and winning the intramural football league in ’87.
2. Q: Have you kept in touch with your brothers after graduation?
A: Yes absolutely, I keep in regular touch with a group of around 10 guys, and we just had a large reunion of forty/fifty brothers a couple of years ago. It’s fun to re-connect with old friends.
3. Q: How have your experiences at AU and with ZBT helped you with your career?
A: They have provided for me the opportunity to lead people and make decisions while in positions of leadership. Managing people is interesting – whether a group of 60 guys in undergraduate college, or many thousands in a large organization, hearing all sides of any issues, taking into consideration multiple perspectives, and then making a decision
4. Q: If you were in a position to hire AU graduates what would you be looking for?
A: I would look for a balance between a solid GPA and a variety of extra-curricular activities to show that the individual is hard working, can manage their time, and has a balanced set of interests.
5. Q: You have had a lot of success with your career so far, how have you been able to get as far as you have?
A: Understanding that results matter. In any position, understanding the goals, and then making sure you achieve or exceed them is critically important, especially in business. Developing a plan, and then executing it to generate the desired outcomes is very rewarding.
6. Q: Do you have any other general advice that we haven’t touched on yet or that you think is important for students to know?
A: You can never underestimate the value of hard work. Doing well academically is a piece of the puzzle, having varied interests is another piece, but very few good things happen without including hard work as an ingredient.

Thank you to Seth for taking the time to speak with me and answer my questions. Seth wanted to give a shout out to all of the brothers who couldn’t make it out the reunion – we’ll catch you at the next one!

Congratulations to our new Executive Board

On April 12, 2015, the Brothers of the Beta Psi Colony elected a new Executive Board to replace the outgoing members who are going abroad in the Fall. Congratulations to Max Okabayashi (President), Patrick Roux (Vice President Internal), Scott Lynch (Vice President External), Jeff Dean (Treasurer), Alex Werner (Secretary), Phil Colon (Brotherhood Development Director), and Cameron Cushner (Recruitment Chairman).

Congratulations Brother Lynch!

Earlier this year, Brother Scott Lynch ’17 was recognized by the national organization of Zeta Beta Tau as an outstanding brother. Scott was featured and highlighted as a brother who lives up to ZBT’s Credo and works hard for the Good & Welfare of colony and the Fraternity.

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Beta Psi Welcomes the Alpha Class

On January 30, 2015, the Founding Fathers of Zeta Beta Tau — Beta Psi initiated ten new Brothers to join the Alpha Class of the Fraternity.  ZBT is proud to welcome David Brem, Alex Brun, Phillip Colon, Cameron Cushner, Jeremy Duchin, Ryan Guerra, Justin Rosen, Chip Shappy, Adam Solomon, and Alex Werner to the Fraternity!

Congratulations to our founding fathers!

Last evening, Beta Psi initiated the final six members of the Founding Father class.  Congratulations to Jeff Dean, Matt Grossman, Terrence O’Connor, Max Okabayashi, Austin Sternlicht, and Sebastian Wygoda.  They join Dan Giles, Matt Gillman, Lee Gochman, Eric Heigis, David Kabakow, Scott Lynch, Jean-Claude Noar, Bradley Riche, Pat Roux, Matthew Saliman, Ethan Sherman, and Matt Sokol as founders of Zeta Beta Tau – Beta Psi.