Our Crest

3649402 The design was composed about a heraldic shield with the Fraternity pin as its center and adornment. On either side hung the balanced censors of justice: justice must be an essential characteristic of our Fraternity. Back of the shield I placed the facies with axe and torch, representing, respectively, the individuals of the Fraternity bound together by common interest and the group intention of unflinching truth. Above the shield is a mailed fist representing the determination to be used in maintaining the Fraternity’s high ideals. Below the Fraternity’s initial letters, I placed the symbols of two qualities unique to a fraternity — the clasped hands of friendship and the lamp of learning.

Our Pin9246640

The Fraternity pin is our most revered symbol. To show proper respect for what our pin symbolizes, all brothers wear their ZBT pin on the first Monday of each month, with either a jacket and tie or a dress sweater. The ZBT Pin is worn over the left chest, tip tilted slightly to the right shoulder. It should be worn proudly. Only brothers from Alpha Chapter at City College of New York may wear their Pins vertically. The Pin should never be worn on a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or with any clothing which degrades the Pin. The pin should not be worn on a lapel or collar.

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